The summer schedule for Bikram has really decreased the number of classes I am able to attend now and I really miss it.  I wasn’t going every day but I was certainly getting in classes almost every day and certainly most mornings.  Now if I want to go after work I can make up some classes but I must admit that commitment for me is a bit hard.  I’m ready for something else after work and entering an extremely hot and humid room after work in the summer is not what I’m wanting.

I do enjoy heading to the lake after work for a quick dip and a splash around in the lake on a hot night.  In fact, I’m having a hard time finding myself in a vinyasa flow class after work as well.  I prefer to be outside at night and not in a gym or studio.  I have the discipline in the mornings to be inside so I take advantage of that.  I’m hoping there are others like me out there and that they will express concern to our studio and maybe we could get a day or two back in the mornings.

I use the heavy sweating for reducing fluid and I’m actually thinking about trying to find a steam room in the area to see if I can sweat it off that way.  I can sweat quite a bit in my regular workout but not nearly as much as I do in Bikram.  I really enjoy all the aspects of Bikram and really trying to find more ways to get in more practices.


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