We can all find moments of meditation to just reflect and look inward in a peaceful manner in a peaceful place.  On Sunday morning I headed off to Bikram and my husband headed off in his kayak.  Both of us were looking for quiet places to reflect and meditate.  I found my moment in a Bikram studio and he found his on the lake in his kayak.  I was in room at 106 degrees he was on the water with an air temp of 55 degrees.  We look in different places but we find virtually the same thing.

He was so relaxed and excited when he got home. He was chilly but it didn’t seem to bother him too much.  I was relaxed and tired when I got home.  We just listened to each other’s stories. His being way more interesting to listen to since this was his first time out this season and I’m in the Bikram studio so much not much changes.  I heard the stories of what he saw, heard, and experienced.  He was glowing and remarked that he had a wonderful morning.  The nice thing is that he gets to find these moments of calm when life can be pretty stressful for him.

There are times we go out kayaking together but I know those moments aren’t meant for meditation because we are talking to each other and experiencing things together.  He likes the quiet by himself and he needs that time just like I need my Bikram time.


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