Whoever came up with that saying didn’t do daily yoga.  Summer is here and as I’m sure some of you have noticed as I have the gyms are filling up again and the classes are getting larger but the amount of classes are dropping off since as we get deep into summer and everyone has their rock hard buff bods they won’t want to be in traditional workout classes anymore.  Bikram is the same way, they decrease the amount of classes for the summer so the ones they have are nice and full and they expect a certain number to drop off soon as it heats up.

I just spent a month trying to get in a Bikram class every day and although I fell short on my challenge I did pretty well and had almost a daily practice.  It is June now and many of my class chances are gone.  Even if I wanted a daily practice I don’t have the means with the class schedule right now so I have to find other things to do.  Going to the gym day in and day does not sound appealing to me since I already spend a lot of time there and it is still a little too chilly and dark for me to start my outdoor morning workout so I turned to P90X.  That is not a typo, I really have the entire series and when I bought this series a couple of years ago I was extremely into weight training and pretty buff.  I was beating my body pretty hard and realized that probably wasn’t the best idea day in and day out.

I ended up putting the series away for a long while but thought I would pull it back out and try it again.  It is really hard, much harder than I remember.  I have not made it through an entire hour yet except for the yoga and stretching hours which I really enjoy.  My mind is so wrapped up in yoga that when I’m doing plyometric I have to dig deep and find my Bengal Tiger strength to push through it.  Since I have been supplementing my yoga with P90X my entire body hurts. Everything from my toes to my eyeballs hurt in some way.  Is this the meaning of “No pain no gain”? The pain will eventually go away is what I keep telling myself!!!


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