About a year ago I had an instructor who talked to me about how we cannot really re-hydrate ourselves during our Bikram practice and that most times we just end up filling our bellies with water that lead to not feeling well during the rest of the practice.  This happens because water is comforting for us and many times what we really need instead is a deep breath or even in some cases rest.

I listened to what she said and entered my next practice without water and ever since I have been water free during practice.  I use that time to catch my breath, gaze deeply into my eyes and just rest.  I realized that I didn’t need the comfort of water after that and my practice got better.  With that said, the studio has been running really hot and extremely humid and I was finding I was running out of steam about the time I hit the floor.  I didn’t know if a little sip of water would help propel me through the rest of class so this morning I took my water in with me for the first time in over a year.

It sat in front of me and I knew I could take a sip anytime I wanted.  There were a few times I really wanted it but I would ask myself why I wanted it, did I feel like I really needed it or did I need a deep breath instead. By the time I hit the floor I was feeling fine and realized I hadn’t touched my water the whole time.  It is amazing what our brains can do though because I liked having it there.  I don’t know if I’ll bring it in again but I know I always have the option.

I do hydrate completely before and after.  My body needs water and I realize I lose a lot of it during my 90 practice so I keep myself hydrated but just not during.  Towels and water are extra distractions I really don’t need since I’m easily distracted by other things during my practice.


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