After 31 days I completed 27 Bikram classes.  I did not meet my challenge but I realized the dedication it takes to find 27 classes in a series of 31 days.  My body feels flexible yet tired and my mind just feels tired.  I treated myself this morning and just stayed in bed.

I’m going to a later Bikram class today but decided I wouldn’t start at 6am just this once. I’ll try the challenge again and see if I can get a few more in and meet my challenge. It was good for me to try and to have a nearly daily yoga practice really does a lot for me overall.  This is something I need.

However, I did miss my cardio and especially with the nice weather being outside so in the month of June I may be taking  step back from Bikram but adding more vinyasa flow which I  hardly did in May at all and focus on that practice as well as running and walking outside.  First fresh air in the morning is one of the best ways to start my day if I’m not in the Bikram studio.

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