Last week I met my new doctor.  She is a young female eager to help me with my MCTD and understand exactly what kind of disease I have.  Most people say they don’t get enough time with their doctors but this young woman and I spent 2 hours together.  She did a thorough history, examine and a lot of talking to make sure she understood what I was dealing with.

She wanted to do some research on MCTD and will follow up with me by phone in the coming weeks.  I have a full blood work up scheduled and we talked about some problem areas. She doesn’t fully understand the extent of my disease but in all honesty I don’t make a move or any changes without talking to my Rheumatologist first so I’m not worried about her doing something or prescribing something that won’t work for me. I did find it interesting that for my pelvic pain she also recommended Neurontin as an option.

This subject is back on the table in my house-hold but not with open arms.  We have to discuss it though since it may be my very last option.


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