The slightest changes can have big impacts, and not always for the better.  I have been moving along nicely, keeping up with my Bikram.  I have completed 22 classes so I’m finally on schedule but I have been pulling some doubles and doing every single morning.  This morning I woke up feeling fatigue and for half a second thought about skipping Bikram.  Not the choice I ended up making but now I’m feeling a twinge of flare coming on.

During class I got the sore throat and my legs are sore and stiff.  You wouldn’t think that Bikram could put me into flare and I don’t believe it ever has. I do think that my fatigue can put me into flare and since I don’t know exactly where the fatigue stems from or when it will arise it is hard to gauge. I feel the soreness, I feel the sore throat, I also feel the fatigue but we all work through fatigue.  Life in general comes with a level of fatigue. I don’t usually know if mine is a high level until I get started with my day.

I am meeting a new doctor tomorrow and I already know I’m starting at the beginning of my MCTD.  Most doctors know about it but don’t have a clear understanding of it.  I am curious to see what this younger doctor has to say about it and perhaps she will see it with fresh eyes.  This is my new general doctor, not my Rheumatologist. I don’t know what I’ll do when he retires but thankfully I don’t have to worry about that today.


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