I had my 3rd and final session of acupuncture for the package I bought but I think I’m going to buy some more sessions and do a few more sessions.  Yesterday she worked to relieve from fluid from my body and it worked.  I still have quite a bit of fluid I’m holding on to even with daily Bikram and sometimes double sessions but it could also be the change in the season.

She noticed I had some tender areas on my lower legs that hurt when she touched them and she equates this dampness in my body.  I’m still not exactly sure what that means exactly except I’m taking some herbs to try and relieve that dampness.  I also have a couple of doctor appointments coming up and hoping to discuss some new options.  I want so badly to get off prednisone but weaning doesn’t help me and puts me into flare so I’ll discuss if I have other options. The answer might be no but I have to ask.

Between P.T, acupuncture, daily yoga, daily exercise you would think my body would be responding and not flaring.  Not the case so I’ll also talk to them about how to get my flares less frequent.  I’m sure they’ll say keep stress at bay, rest when I need to rest, and eat a good diet. All things I know but I’m hoping for something else.  Perhaps I’ll get the answers I so desire.


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