We have hit the middle of the month and I’m at 14 Bikram sessions.  This means I still need to make up another session as well as get in there every day for the next 2 weeks.  This task is a bit harder than I first thought but why would I make it challenge if it were easy?  The actual yoga part of the program is wonderful but it takes a couple of hours to do 1 Bikram session so when I have double sessions I’m spending nearly 5 hours in the studio.  That is more than half my work day.

My husband knows how much I love Bikram and keeps commenting that it good I found something I enjoy so much but just wish it wasn’t taking up so much extra time.  Once I get my doubles out of the way and I just go once a day I think things will be so much better and we’ll feel like we have time together at night.  Yesterday morning I started my day at Bikram and after work met my sister for an evening session.  I have written previously how much I enjoy doing any kind of yoga with her and now that she has caught the Bikram bug whenever she is home she is Bikram all the time.  That makes it very fun for me.

I’ll keep plugging away at my challenge and hope that I can make the full 31 classes in 31 days without missing anymore days this month.  It is a tough challenge but a rewarding one if I see it through.


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