Every once in a while I start a new challenge and try something new sometimes it works out well sometimes it doesn’t but I won’t know until I try.  This month I’m going to do 31 Bikram sessions in 31 days.  Unfortunately, I was traveling the first few days of May so I was already behind and when I decided to take on this challenge but I’m not worried.  No, I won’t be adding days to the month, I get a lot done but even I can’t do that.  I will however pull some doubles which I have been begun to do so as of today I have done 6 Bikram classes and will need to make up the difference to get on track to achieve my goal of 31 classes in 31 days.

I’m doing this for a few reasons.  I really think the more I do it the more it is helping.  I find this a bit ironic since I just had a flare-up and trying to get back on track from that but honestly it really does make most days feel much better for me.  Also, I think the more I do it the less stress I feel and since this is considered our “busy season” with my job I can use all the stress release I can get.  Finally, the more I do the Bikram yoga the less I pound on my joints at the gym which has to be a plus. The downside is that a 90 minute Bikram class every day and sometimes 2 takes a lot of time away from my husband but he knows the benefits I get from it and is willing to see my achieve my goal for May but then I’m guessing will ask me to spend more time with him in June which I will be more than gladly to oblige.

One thought on “MAY CHALLENGE

  1. kerryalina May 8, 2012 at 11:13 pm Reply

    Good luck with your challenge! I hope you have a blast 🙂

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