Last week I was walking through the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs CO in the beautiful red rock territory.  It was a 4.5 mile lovely walk. There is no vegetation there so the sun beats down on you and it is hot but the beauty of the red rock is unbelievable.  My body and legs took me up 6800 feet but keep in mind we are already starting at mile high so to achieve that distance really was a walk in the park, The Garden of the Gods park.

The Yang is that 2 days after that lovely walk and I’m back home my body completely shuts down and turns on itself.  After 69 days I have a full flare-up and end up in bed.  I knew I was tired especially since I have been traveling the last 2 weeks but while I was gone I was conscience of my eating, exercising, and making sure I got ample sleep in the hopes that my body would survive.  Yesterday I went to the gym and I knew something was wrong when I was tired after 10 minutes on the treadmill. I took the pace way down and finished my hour because even when I don’t feel well I still make sure to walk even slowly for 60 minutes.  I thought perhaps Bikram might be helpful to my sore joints so I went to the morning class.

Sometimes Bikram helps me avoid flare but this was not that time.  I started the class and knew during the breathing exercise that this was going to be a struggle.  I did a modified version not approved by Bikram I’m sure but it was all I could do with the body I was dealing with at that moment.  That 90 minutes felt like a life time and some would think why not just leave.  Leaving does a couple of things not to mention it is distracting to the other practitioners it allows my brain to take control and give me an out to leave again which I don’t want my body and my brain to make those decisions.  I commit when I get in there for 90 minutes even if I do a lot of resting and modifications.

After Bikram I went right to bed and slept for hours and hours and when I woke up I felt much better.  Today I officially can call it 1 day without a flare as I have no residual effects from yesterday and had a normal workout this morning along with a great Bikram practice. It is disappointing to start over yet again but I have been starting over and flaring now for nearly 9 years. I just like counting the days of health.

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