Are you a goddess or a diva? Do want to be? Do you believe these terms come with negative connotations? Am I a goddess? Would I like to be? Are these traits I’m  specifically proud of? These are questions that surfaced and led me to research and read yet another self-help book called “Goddess of the Core” by Sierra Bender.

This is a yoga book, woman book, and self-help book all wrapped up into one. It is geared towards women, by a woman, and although men may want to read it to support the women in their lives. This book is truly for the woman, the goddess that wants to be found, the diva that wants to express herself, the warrior that wants to exhibit strength and the spirit of the woman that wants to reconnect with Mother-Nature.

We all have four bodies that need nurturing and exercise everyday, the emotional body, the mental body, the spiritual body and the physical body.  Do you believe you focus more on one body over the others? I certainly do.  I work incredibly hard on my physical body and yet I thought during my yoga practices I was working on my mental body and my spiritual body. True, I can but there is more that could and should be done. I’m finding my spirit which is a struggle because I’m not sure where my spiritual belief lies yet.  However, every day I can be thankful for certain things, and people and acknowledge them with a quick prayer of thanks.

The emotional body is interesting because my emotions are very even and I thought that was a good thing but maybe I need to let my emotions go and just follow them more.  Easier said than done and right now I’m going through some emotional things and really learning to just let them ride as they may and not stop or redirect them.

Mostly, I want to feel like a warrior but want to keep my soft woman traits and after reading this book “Goddess to the Core” I know it is possible to have both. I highly recommend this book for all women.


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