It has been awhile since I have written because I was trying to figure some things out and get myself right again.  A few days before my acupuncture session I dropped my prednisone to 4.5mg from 5mg.  I know, this is not a huge drop but I have been trying to successfully get from 5mg to 4.5mg for 4 years now and just have not been able to do it.  I have to keep trying though and when I think I’m feeling strong that is the time to try.  I did try and within a day my fatigue level was at an extreme high, I was teetering on the verge of flare, and I wasn’t sleeping well.

I had my acupuncture session and decided to ride it out and see if I could just trick my body in accepting the 4.5mg dosage.  By the end of the weekend I really couldn’t take it any longer and I noticed that when I had my nephew over I was a bit edgy and that does no one any good so I reluctantly bumped it back up to 5mg and wouldn’t you know it, my hands feel better, I’m sleeping again, I’m not nearly as tired as I have been and I am able to cope again.  I will try again in a year or so and see what happens.  Perhaps one of these times my body will take the lower dosage and be ok with and maybe it won’t.  Prednisone is the one medicine I really wish I could get off of completely but as my history keeps dictating this is a medicine that is with me every day and will probably be my long term management medicine.


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