I had my first acupuncture session and I can’t wait for my next one.  I have spent several days teetering on the verge of flare and technically I probably should have gone back to zero days a couple of times but I’m still functioning so I’m keeping myself in teeter mode.  Yesterday I changed into my comfy clothes and sneakers and walked up to my appointment.  During my walk my lower back and hips were so sore which is very typical of MCTD but I knew once I was there I would feel better.  I approached the office and it radiated calm and peace.  Two things I really needed at that moment.

Once the session started we did a lot of talking.  Yes she and I see each other 5 days a week but I was seeing her as a therapist now not a yoga instructor and there were questions she had for me such as what is MCTD. Most people are not familiar with the term unless you have it or someone you know has it. She asked questions about my husband, my family, children, emotions around not having children, and wanted to get the essence of who I am.  Talking gave her insight to me and my situation and helped her see the path she wanted to take with my therapy.  Once the talking was finished she said I want you lie down and start your yoga breath.  I answered all kinds of questions this morning at yoga for the women that haven’t done acupuncture but kind of want to try it so I’ll be descriptive here and for those that have been through it perhaps your experience was similar and for those that haven’t but think you might want to, you might have your questions answered.

I was lucky enough to see my acupuncturist that morning at yoga before my appointment so I asked her what I should wear and that I would be in work clothes.  She explained she would need to get to my feet, wrists and belly.  I decided I wanted to be more comfortable then my work clothes would allow and I wanted to walk to my appointment so comfy is the way I went.  I wore yoga pants and t-shirt.  Once there I took off my socks and shoes and she had may lie on the table and start my yoga breath.  She needed to keep the lights on and honestly I would rather she be able to see what she is doing and where she is putting those needles instead of me being relaxed in the dark.  She did want me to be relaxed and comfortable and she explained that she would put a towel over my eyes and she wouldn’t do any talking. If I needed her or if something didn’t feel right that I should speak up but other than that it would be quiet.

She asked me if I have any questions or reservations about what was going to happen.  I told her I had no questions, fears, or concerns and I truly felt this way because I knew her.  I trust her, and I know she has nothing but my best interest in mind.  She covered my eyes and I concentrated on my breathing.  I felt her moving my hair to the side and felt the tiniest little prick in my ear.  It didn’t hurt, it wasn’t uncomfortable, it didn’t startle me, it just felt like the slightest little something and she proceeded with the other ear. I felt one go in the top of my head and my chest.  I had a few in my belly.  None of them hurt or even registered with me other than just the slightest bit of pressure maybe is the best way to describe it.

She also used the moxa on my ankles which helps with the kidney yang I wrote about before and she has wanted me to get this and use it daily.  They are stick on supplements that you put at the ankle and burn them.  Once they burn she replaced them with new ones and did that about 4 times.  Once she had used the sufficient amount of moxa she put more needles in my hands, wrists and feet.  Once she had them all in place she left the room and just left me to relax.  I ended up drifting off until she returned and started taking them out. Once she had them all out she said take your time and I’ll see you out front.  I got up slowly and climbed off the table. I was stiff and had a hard time putting on my socks and shoes but I was stiff before I even walked in there. I made my next appointment and we said our good-byes, and I headed out the door to walk back to work. I needed the walk to loosen everything up again.

When I got home I was very tired but my husband wanted the full story and I headed to bed. This morning I was having difficulty walking because I was so stiff and sore so I decided I would head to Bikram and take it from there.  I’m feeling ok now and functioning as regularly as I have the last few days.  How do I feel?  Well, I don’t know how I feel.  I haven’t felt good for several days so I don’t know that I can say it made me feel better but it certainly didn’t make me feel worse.  I’m looking forward to my session and I would have to say I felt similar as when I come out of physical therapy.  Kind of tired, a little stiff but I know it is doing good things for me.

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