Today the women in my family got together with our favorite little man, my nephew, and took him on an Easter egg hunt.  Perhaps when he is 2 or 3 he may get it idea a little bit more but today it was such a treat just to see him run after the other kids and mimic what they did.  If they grabbed eggs then he grabbed eggs, if they sat and opened their eggs so did he.  This was the first Easter egg hunt we have been to since my not so little sister was a child. She is 26 years old now so you can imagine it has been a long time.

At my nephew’s age it is all about the photo-op for us ladies and just running after him was precious.  He wanted so much to meet the Easter Bunny but as soon as he got close enough he would run off again.  He actually did better with the Easter Bunny then he did Santa Claus and considering that was only a few months ago I guess he is growing up fast.  Letting him be outside and run where ever he wants is the best thing for him.  He got to explore and see all kinds of things.  He played on benches and picnic tables as well ran around and when he did find eggs he wasn’t exactly sure where to put them but soon realized they went in his basket.  He really did quite well for only being 19 months old and experiencing this for the first.  We have so many different things to share with him and I’m looking forward to each and every adventure he finds himself in.  They are adventures for us as well and probably the one that had the most fun was my mother.  She lives for this kind of family fun. 


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