Is it just me or do you feel like you have to wash your hands and anything you touch regularly every minute of the day?  I do not have a germ phobia but with everyone around me coughing, sneezing, and being sick in every which way there is I feel a little squeamish.  We just recently saw the movie “Contagion” and quite frankly I feel like I’m livening in that movie everywhere I go.  My co-workers are all sick around me, my fellow yogis are coughing and making weird noises during class, the people at the gym also seem sick, and never mind entering groceries stores or other facilities where complete strangers are spreading their germs. 

When I was diagnosed with MCTD the doctor told me that I would pick up everything around me but the only difference is that I wouldn’t experience the same type of illness that I was picking up that instead my body or more specifically my immune system would kick into overdrive and beat out the illness but also beat up on my joints and muscles. The advice given to me was the less I pick up the less my body fights with itself so do everything possible not get bring the germs on to myself.  That seems like impossibility but my husband is extremely healthy and doesn’t get sick so he isn’t bringing stuff home to me.  I keep my hands off my face as much as humanely possible and I was my hands and anything I touch regularly.  Not to the point of being O.C.D just enough to ensure my body has a fighting chance or more that it doesn’t have to fight.

I have been extremely lucky with this and in the last 9 years I have only been sick a couple of times.  I know that every time I flare that is my being sick and happens on a regular basis but I try to stretch my bouts of flare as long as possible with some success and sometimes not much success at all.  Right now I’m at 40 days without a flare and I feel pretty good about that.  I would like to reach 100 days but it happens one day at a time and considering my blog before this one was trying to combat a potential flare.  Wash, wash, and keep washing is my motto.


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