Stress has always been a trigger for me and flare-ups.  I find like most people that when I’m stressed I become extremely tired and my body just turns on itself quickly when the stress and fatigue rise.  This has been a very stressful week for me and I’m hoping to go into this long holiday weekend flare-up free.  How do I do that when I’m already worried about having a flare-up, I’m stressed, I’m tired, and I need a break?  Very simply said but much harder to accomplish is I need to take a step back and breath. I need to re-think where my energy is being used and try to find the calm in the middle of the chaos.

My husband has already mentioned that he wants this to be a fun family weekend but not at the expensive of the health of his wife.  That says to me that he is willing to do whatever it is I want this weekend but if I am on the verge of flare he will put his foot down to extras and demand rest.  Well as much as he can demand, he is too loving and supportive to really demand too much but I understand his concerns and where his heart is.  With that said I need to approach the weekend in full gear, feeling good, and ready to do what I can do.  The rest of the stress and garbage need to be left behind.  What I find fascinating is that I have being doing yoga daily and I mean daily for several weeks now and you would think I would just carry this residual zen with me all the time, but no it doesn’t really work that way.  Amazingly enough I still have moments of stress and even if I am flipping my thoughts to positive thoughts and making sure to find nice things to say to myself I still feel overwhelmed at times.  I’m learning to work through these moments and honestly I believe in my heart and soul that I have a wonderful life and I shouldn’t have any complaints so I need to regards these moments for what they truly are which is blips on my radar nothing more than blips.

I have another session of yoga today and will leave more junk on the mat and enter this weekend with love in my heart, light in my eyes, and an understanding that I am a woman that has many wonderful things happening to her and I just need some time to reflect and rest.


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