No time for April fool’s pranks today because it is time to shed large layers of clothing and trade in turtle-necks with t-shirts, no time when there are bathing suits to fit into, summer sun dresses to get ready for and shed winter time fat.  This was evident at the gym this morning and at Bikram.  There are new faces every day on the machines, in classes and trying Bikram yoga for the first time. These faces have started the count down to summer and the need for a rock hard body.

I’m actually thrilled to see new faces and I’m encouraged by some of the people that I see that will stick with this at least for a little bit time. Whatever motivates people to get moving I’m certainly supportive and I too want to look my best in the summer when I’m in much less clothing but do we spend to much time worrying about the outside of our bodies, and neglect the inside?  The outside is the shell that everyone sees, it is our temple and yes we need to keep it healthy, strong, and we want it to look good too.  The inside is where our organs, heart, spirit live.  Our goodness, kindness, and love resonates from this interior place and somehow we don’t make sure it is healthy, strong and looking good too.  I’m learning this myself and seeing that I too neglect my inner being.  I spend hours a day exercising and have found some calm and peace with all my yoga but admittedly I am looking for those areas in my yoga practice that allow me deeper into my postures, make me stronger and enhance my balance.  I don’t spend time meditating and thinking that I could really practice harder and longer on quieting my mind.  I have gotten better at reducing monkey brain but I still have lots of work to do.

I’m searching for my inner spirit as well and although this is new for me and I’m not exactly sure how I will go about this I do love research and it starts there.  Yoga has shown me I’m missing something in myself and I don’t believe the missing piece is the ability to stay in Triangle longer, I think I’m looking for the real love that we all seek in ourselves. Perhaps April will be my new start month also.


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