Today I made the commitment to acupuncture and booked 3 appointments for April. I write regularly that I’m one looking for specials and that I’m thrifty when it comes to all my fitness and health wants.  There was a sign that not only rained down on me it poured and the thinking time was over and I’m switching to doing.  I received an e-mail that my yoga instructor was running a special for 3 visits on Tuesday’s only for the months of April and May. This was perfect because I could try it at an introductory rate and get a few sessions to see how I really liked it as well it is on Tuesday which is my PT day.  I just swapped out 3 PT sessions for 3 acupuncture sessions. I would have to say it was one loud sign that I needed to try acupuncture and now I will.

I still have the worries to deal with but if it works perhaps I can alternate between acupuncture and PT as needed.  Also I have been talking to other people that use acupuncture as part of their regiment and they have encouraged me to get a prescription from my doctor and with the help from my doctor push harder with my insurance company.  It’s all good advice and I love good advice.  I’ll be blogging in the coming weeks about my experience. This was a big step just taking action and booking my appointments.


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