Yesterday was a yin meets yang day for me.  I woke up with some stiffness and a sore throat but once I got moving things seemed to fall back into place and I was alright.  I proceeded to the gym for my workout and to Bikram all the while not really feeling like I had all my strength and I was carrying some fatigue.

I knew I was border line in flare-up but my nephew was coming over which I didn’t want to cancel but at the same time I don’t like my family to worry. I brought my nephew back here for a play date and when a nearly 2 year old is running around wild playing with everything he shouldn’t when there are hundreds of things he could, it is enough of a distraction that my husband didn’t say anything and when my mom stopped by she didn’t mention anything either.  I had it all planned to take a nice long nap when he did but to my surprise he decided no nap was needed yesterday. 

I believe he was more interested in what his Uncle Matt was doing rather than grabbing monkey and closing his eyes for a bit. Once I took him home and put the house back together my husband looked at me and said this is more than toddler fatigue, are you flaring?  I admitted I was border line and that the fatigue was extreme and some joint pain but no chills and I could still run after and pick up my nephew which is what really mattered to me.  My husband put in a movie for me and said rest and within minutes I was completely asleep after enjoying an wonderful day with two of my favorite men.

Today I’m dealing with residual fatigue but I’ll take it slow today and just go to Bikram to stretch everything out and get some heat into these bones.  I am also carrying a high level of fluid on my joints today which I need to relieve as well. Bikram helps me with all of that.


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