Last night during my warm yoga session we practiced the beginning Ashtanga series and I found it to be challenging but very invigorating.  I enjoy the power type yoga series and I enjoy making certain muscles burn and shake during my practice. Not all the time of course, I do enjoy an easy glow flow of vinyasa as well but when you can power it up it really gets the whole body warm and since this is a “warm yoga” I prefer to be warm during it.

The challenge posture for last night was wheel.  I must admit I requested it because honestly I couldn’t face my disastrous crow another week and wanted to try something new.  I have not actually done wheel before. I have done bridge many times but have not gotten out of my brain enough to try wheel. Considering that I requested wheel and I have wanted to try it and figured as a challenge posture it would be great. I could take my time and get real instructions from beginning to end and that is exactly what happened.

My alignment was good for going into modified wheel, my strength was good for modified and I felt comfortable doing modified.  Modified is going through all the motions but actually resting lightly on your head.  In the final time of trying the posture I did push up briefly into a real wheel. My elbows flung to the side and the key to that posture is keeping your elbows in tight. I could feel it everywhere in my upper back and shoulder area. I wouldn’t say I have the strength to really perform a good wheel but now I at least understand the mechanics behind it and can practice.  Wheel beats crow all day long for me.


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