I’m saying good-bye to a good friend, she happens to be my sweet kitty cat but a dear friend to me.  She came into my life as Moab 13 years ago with her sister Zion and along the way she was my Missy Robinson until my husband entered my life and she decided at first she wasn’t thrilled with a man living with us so she turned into Pissy Robinson.  We became one loving family and Missy became Mimi but she will always be my “baby girl.”

She has cuddled with me when I was sad or not feeling well. She has sat on my lap many a weekends while I read or watched movies.  She has been my little shadow for 13 years.  It doesn’t seem like 13 years is that many when I think of all the times we have had together and honestly it just seems too short.  I feel like there is so much for us to do but this is a part of life. The hardest part really is saying good-bye to anyone. She has been so close to me for so long that I realized I haven’t even developed the same relationship with her sister.  I love my Zion very much but she really wants food and water and sometimes love from me while Moab wants my undivided attention and love.  She would give up food to sit in my lap and be cuddled.

I have told her some of my deepest secrets since I knew she would never breathe a word to anyone about them.  I’m sure she felt replaced a time or 2 by my husband but she grew to love him and welcomed him into our home. She showed her love to us whenever possible and allowed us to love her just as much. I will take her to the end of her life which is too soon for me and yes she is being spoiled absolutely deliciously right now which she deserves 200%

The next day or so my house will be a little more quiet and I’ll be extremely sad but I will use this time to build a long overdue bond with my other favorite feline Zion and take her until the end of her life as well spoiling her now. This is all part of life but let’s face facts I have a 97 year old grandmother and loss is not something I’m all that familiar with, thankfully.  Any loss is hard and letting our animals go is not an easy good-bye but they are good-byes we must all make.


2 thoughts on “SAYING GOOD-BYE

  1. Lauren Essl February 28, 2012 at 4:02 pm Reply

    Dear Nicole,
    Please except my condolences on the loss of your cat. We helped our beloved girl cross a little over a year ago. I think of her daily. She was ‘the one’ that was different from all others…I know she went too soon, at only 7 years old and 5 of them with us. My cats have been especially helpful and healing on my journey with MCTD and my other conditions…they keep me company on my couch days and switch my focus to more pleasant thoughts. May you and your family be at peace knowing that you have loved her well. They are truly the best medicine for us all.

    • mevsmctd February 28, 2012 at 8:15 pm Reply

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful words and thoughts. You are so right about our animals being medicine for us and being there for those tough times. You have quite the full house with your kitties but I’m sure they keep you sane during your most insane days. I’m thinking of you often hoping you are doing well.


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