Last night on our way to yoga my husband asked me how long it had been since I had a flare.  I stated as of yesterday 115 days and he said really, but you weren’t feeling well and smelling the gas smell.  After we started talking he made mention that he believes I’m having “flares” but not calling them flares or believing they are flares.  I explained my idea of a flare was not being able to get out of bed or feeling so bad I need to take time off from work or miss an engagement I was looking forward to.  Giving up a yoga session because my body wouldn’t take me through the moves or finding myself in bed instead of doing something fun with him.

His explanation is that those are debilitating flares but don’t I have days that I feel achy or my hair hurts and still continue on with my day? The answer to his question is yes but I don’t know if I consider that a flare.  That is a teeter or a warning to take notice and make a change.  I understand where he is coming from and I do notice all the little changes that happen to my body and the little signs that it is time to stop, take notice and rest but a flare for me is debilitating and it strikes with great pain and bed rest.  My flare the last time came in the form of a headache that put me in bed for a few days. Not my typical type of flare but I knew immediately that my body was turning on itself.  That is how I determine a flare.  I’m sure everyone has their own rules and ideas for what constitutes a flare for them and this is how we judge our days.


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