I like getting other people involved in my challenges as well and I was able to get my fitbit buddies involved in this one. It is easy since we are linked by our steps so we know what each person is doing anyways and then being part of the walk social group as well with strangers has been fun. It is no secret I log a lot of time in yoga studios and that doesn’t require steps of any sort. I actually unleash the fitbit from my person and just enjoy my practice.  This however makes it look like to my fellow fitbitters that I’m a bit of a slacker.  I say that in jest since they all know me well enough to know that I stay active even if the steps don’t show it.

I typically don’t have a problem staying motivated during the day when I’m feeling good. I am lacking motivation to get up early in the dark and cold and head out first thing in the morning but I’m pushing through. I’m also lacking motivation in eating right all day when I really just want yummy, gooey, chocolaty foods sprinkled with a little sea salt of course. Those are my motivation issues. However, once I’m up and moving the dark cold lack of motivations disperses but the eating gooey is with me all day.


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