Warm and Bikram don’t really go together.  Hot and Bikram certainly go hand in hand.  Although last night during my warm yoga session she focused on the Bikram style poses.  We did it in a vinyasa flow but still we were stopping to hold poses such as awkward, tree, forehead to knee, bow pulling pose, half-moon and others.  The difference for me was she wanted our eyes closed and I completely lose my balance with my eyes closed and we didn’t have mirrors. My mental state knows that when I’m in Bikram poses I need to be looking directly in my eyes and focusing on myself.  I don’t close my eyes for any part of the practice, I’m not looking at the floor unless the posture requires me too, but I spend a lot of time finding my Drishti:  Drishti: A Single Point of Focus in Your Yoga Practice.

When she asked us to close our eyes I did try it but found I opened them pretty quickly again out of fear.   I tend to get dizzy when my eyes are closed and who likes the dizzy feeling?  I also found that holding some of the postures without seeing myself was very difficult.  I do Bikram regularly but not seeing yourself you really feel what your body is doing versus seeing what your body is doing.  I couldn’t hold the postures very long and certainly not the length of time that Bikram would require but it was interesting to feel my way through my Bikram practice.  Now when I walk back into the Bikram studio it will probably be a new experience for me and I’ll try to feel my way through a real Bikram practice and not rely solely on my seeing my practice.  It is nice to change things up and try new ways of doing the same practice.

In Tree, the Birkam way versus vinyasa is different anyways and honestly the vinyasa way is much harder for me.  I have a difficult time keeping my foot against my leg. In Bikram I can hold my foot unless I’m moving into Toe Stand and then there is no holding needed.  The concept of the different postures are the same and yet very different.  I think that is why I enjoy so many types of yoga because they are connected but you do them or try them just a little differently.


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