I started a new challenge on Saturday. The Walk at Home Challenge that runs from February 18th for 21 days which puts us at March 10th. This is a walking challenge and although it started a couple of days ago people can still join through Facebook and the walk social program.  The idea is to walk and log your walks based on your miles.  The community that signs up logs their walks and share with others.  I have logged 3 days thus far and I’m getting in about 3 -3.5 miles a day.  I logged 3 miles earlier this morning but have done another 3 since then.  You can go back and log as much as you walk.

The idea is just to get up and get moving.  I really like this challenge because for most people we are able to walk.  Even if we have some pain or pressure and even if we are swollen we can usually walk.  It might not be long or fast but just putting one foot in front of the other is all walking is and if it takes 30 minutes to walk 1 mile at lease you were out there doing your mile.  With MCTD sometimes it seems like climbing a mountain just to walk a mile but go ahead and climb that mountain because a mile today could be 2 miles tomorrow.  Our bodies need to move even when they don’t feel great. If you have working legs use them.

Perhaps readers of this blog that have MCTD might find benefits in signing up at Walk at Home on Facebook and since it doesn’t ask for more than your name there is still privacy to be had but you can log your miles and see what other people in the walking community are doing also.  The miles can be logged with DVD’s, treadmills, outside walking or even do I dare say running if you like.  The challenge is to get up and get moving and I think this is great advice for most anyone but especially for people with MCTD who could use a little extra support.


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