Is it easier said than done to be non-judgmental? This month I’m about to find out.  In my yoga immersion class it turned out to be a private yoga session with myself and the instructor.  I actually enjoyed being the only one there today.  It meant I was able to just ask her anything, direct the conversation to my benefit and become a sponge to all her knowledge.  She is very interesting to listen to and I learned so much about her the person and her the yoga instructor. I also learned she hasn’t been doing this very long which gives me great hope that I can fulfill my dream of instructing yoga as well and helping someone like me find themselves on the mat.

She is spreading the word of yoga through her actions, words and her business.  She gave me great advice on how to start a home practice and now instead of being intimated by it or wondering how to start and letting my ego get in the way and convince myself that I need to be in other roles at home.  I guess I already knew but I now I have come to realize that without a home practice I’m really going through the motions and if I really want a yogi life on and off the mat I must have mat time at home.  I also need “Matt” time at home which is my husband and there is a balance that I can find without jeopardizing either.  Having a home practice might actually give me more Matt time as well. 

This past month we worked on “Truth” I will have to write about that one in a future blog because there is a lot in the truth we live.  It took me all month to really understand it and I believe I’m ready to write about it.  This month we are working on being non-judgmental What does that mean?  Am I normally judgmental?  Are there times when judgment dictates my decisions and choices? These are the questions I’m going to work on getting the answers to.  I pride myself on being very opened and not judging others but now that I’m focused on it I’m wondering what I’ll find. I hope that I’ll find I really am non-judgmental and open to all ideas, suggestions and people. Focusing on a yama makes me more aware of it. I’m looking forward to this month’s yoga immersion task.


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