I actually don’t find this to be such a horror but I do realize that this very horror is what keeps people from attempting to enter the hot Bikram studio.  This morning I woke up extremely fatigued but still wanted to climb on my mat in the Bikram studio and warm my bones.  We had finished the standing postures and headed to floor when I realized I was going to be sick.  Not my favorite thing in the world but it happens.  It has happened exactly 2 times in my Bikram practice.  The very first time I did Bikram and now this time.  I know it will happen again.  It is just another way for our bodies to tell us something isn’t right.  Perhaps I took in too much water before I entered the studio. I don’t drink water during but I do hydrate before and I certainly hydrate after.  Since then I have really put the water to my body to rehydrate and will continue taking in food slowly today.

Since I realize this can happen at any time during my practice, experienced or not I am not anxious about it just and let my body do what it will.  Yes I had my episode and finished my practice.  I remember reading one of my Ayurveda books and it was saying that there is so much anxiety around being sick for people but if we just let our bodies purge when they need to and not worry about it or fight it we might be better off. That is true here too.  I have lots of people that tell me they are afraid of getting sick in the heat.  I say there is nothing to be afraid of and if you get sick than you do, realize it, and move on from it.

I actually don’t want to leave my Bikram experience with that today so I’m pulling a double and doing it again later.  I will be careful with my fluid and food today but not worry about what might happen in my next round.  Sometimes the second time around turns out to be easier than the first one.


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