Yes of course today is a Hallmark holiday and if today is the only day in the year you celebrate love than it probably really means something special.  Every day, ok almost every day is Valentine’s Day in my house and the love I feel and share is with me all year long.  The very idea of the love I receive from my husband and give to my husband gets me up and moving every single day.  Life is precious and I don’t want to wait until the 14th of one month to celebrate it.  I also don’t want to not recognize this day as a special day for a lot of people.

I see the love on the faces of all the women I work with today. They woke up to special words or gifts from their loved ones and family.  Some stopped on the way into work to buy goodies for each other and share with the office.  Valentine’s made its way into my office in the form of treats.  Everyone is anxiously awaiting the delivery person from the local florists to see who will be getting flowers today and everyone is secretly hoping it is them.  These are the special moments many people especially women look forward to all year.  It is the one day a year that they feel really special.  No one can take that away from them.

Ten years ago when I met my husband he warned me right up front that Valentine’s Day was not “his thing” but if it truly meant something to me then he would oblige.  I will admit our first year I wanted the gifts and goodies, we were just dating and it was important to me.  Now after being married 8.5 years I realize that I am treated with gifts and goodies all the time.  I’m surprised by gifts and goodies and never know when they are going to arrive so it makes my year that much more fun.  Believe me I love flowers and chocolates like any woman but if they don’t come today then they’ll come another day.

Today I am enjoying watching my fellow females enjoy the day with their huge smiles and enjoying the love they are exerting just because today is the day of love. I don’t think my body needs donuts and chocolate but my hormones sure do.  I am keeping an arm’s length away from the treats but taking in the radiant smiles like a sponge.


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