You’ve all seen my profile so you know I’m very near 40 and although the 40 is the new 30 I still need to re-think my wellness.  I attended a wellness program for eating to balance hormones and the idea of clean eating.  I have read many books on this subject and every magazine talks about this topic so this is not new to me.  Everyone says that you can’t eat in your 30’s the way you did your 20’s that it will eventually catch up with you.  Well my 30’s came and went pretty smoothly honestly but now I’m learning I can’t eat the way I did in my 30’s as I fast approach 40.

OK so what am I going to do about it?  Good question, part of the fun with my husband and I is really enjoying food together.  We make some fabulous meals at home and about once a month or maybe once every 2 months we go out for a spectacular dinner somewhere.  In the heart of Portland Maine we have some fabulous restaurants and we enjoy them.

I need to just cut back a little bit.  I can’t increase my exercise anymore than I have to off set the food so the food has to decrease. I went to the gym this morning for 3 hours and when I got home I was really hungry.  I had a onion and pepper egg scramble with a yogurt. I was still hungry.  What am I missing? My yogurt was Greek with 14 grams of protein so I know I’m getting enough protein and I sprinkled a little quinoa crunch over the top.  I posted the recipe below. It is really yummy but I’m looking for the full moment.

I have more reading to do and trying to figure out the best food for my body as I get older. I need to eat to fulfill but not over fill. That is my struggle but also my challenge for the month of February.


Recipe : Quinoa Crunch

1 cup quinoa rinsed

¼ cup flax seed

1 Tbsp honey

1 Tbsp olive oil


preheat oven to 375

In bowl mix quinoa, flax, honey and evoo.  Put on a cookie sheet in a thin later and bake 15 minutes.  Let cool and put in an airtight container for up to one week.


This is good sprinkled on yogurt and anything that needs a little sweet crunch.


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