I get a weird MCTD symptom that only comes once in a while but when it comes I know that a flare-up is bound to happen in the next couple of days.  I have gone 101 days without a flare and I was feeling good about that fact and still am considering I’m not flaring yet.  However, last night I started to smell diesel gas.  I was sitting in my living room on my comfy couch, cuddled up next to my husband and it came one.  There is nothing in our house that would lead to this but for some reason my brain makes me believe I am really able to smell this foul smell.

This happens to me very rarely but when it does the smell lasts for a few days and then I go into a full flare.  Usually with the smell will come a sore elbow or something associated with only flare symptoms.  I don’t consider knees and hips or sore hands as factors because I get those quite often and it doesn’t lead to flare.  Also a sore throat doesn’t necessarily lead to a flare for me although it is an indicator that I need to go into slow mode and really take care of myself.  Lower back pain a huge indicator for me that something is on the horizon but I haven’t had that in a very long time.

The last flare I had was actually in the form of headaches and bed rest but not the sick and unable to walk type flare.  I don’t really know what to expect in the next couple of days but I do know that this means I am 100% all about taking care of me.  It means listening closely to my body and resting whenever possible. Extra sleep at night if I can and perhaps staying in bed later in the mornings.  I don’t like to be down and out but I don’t mind making small adjustments along the way to ensure that I don’t end up in bed and in pain.

My husband worries when the gas smell comes because it is odd to him that I would smell that smell and wonders if there isn’t something else going on.  It is ok according my doctor and actually a fairly common symptom although anyone that doesn’t have MCTD thinks you have lost your mind.  Other than sharing with my readers and family the rest of the people in my life are not aware of the small details of having MCTD.  They see the obvious so the non-obvious I get to keep to myself.

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