I thought I had the Niacin figured out once I started taking it with food but I had another skin burning episode as I was meeting with someone.  It first started in my face and I could feel the blood rushing.  I run fairly pink all the time anyways and I blush extremely easily so this could all be accounted for.  The part that I was struggling with was sitting there while my back side was burning.

I was trying not to fidget as I’m having a discussion with this person but at the same time when you are uncomfortable it is pretty noticeable.  My arms then turned bright red right in front of our eyes.  At that point I had to do a little bit of explaining without a big long story.  I must admit I was embarrassed but in the grand scheme of life does it really matter if my skin is bright red?  To some yes, to me I’m getting over it and realizing this is just another side effect to deal with.

The good thing is that it doesn’t happen every time I take it.  I haven’t been able to figure out what triggers the hot flash because I am taking it with food only.  It could be the type of food I’m taking it with is a trigger.  I’ll have to do some research on Niacin and the side effects and how to limit them.  Until then I’m thankful that my hands and feet are feeling better and I have noticed that there are few times during the day that my hands become purple and numb but the frequency of this happening in lessening.  The good with the bad in every situation I guess.


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