When we are excited about something we share it with everyone. I find myself reaching out to anyone that will listen about how good yoga is for body, mind and soul.  My husband was skeptical but while watching me grow and change he jumped on board and now that he is hooked I’m reaching out to others.  I’m surrounded by people that need more confidence or find that they want changes in their life.  I find myself around the extreme stressed and scattered minded.  These are not necessarily the people I want to be surrounded by but they are the people that generally take up space with me.

I have lots of people that I suck good energy from as well on a daily basis and the more I find the good energy the more I absorb.  I tell people all the time they can make changes and I mean it.  Believe me if I can make changes in my life and put certain things into perspective anyone can.  I was not always grounded and I had a mind that would not stop.  I would constantly be thinking about the next thing whatever that thing was.  Now I truly have moments of peace. I am able to let go of trivial things that don’t mean anything to me in the grand scheme of life. No one needs to remember that the first vinyl record was made in 1888 when we can Google useless information like that anytime we need it.  When we are playing trivial pursuit or making a point to a vinyl record lover.

I’m learning to let go of all sorts of stuff and focus on the here and the now.  I can’t change yesterday, I have no way of knowing what tomorrow brings but today, this moment I have complete awareness.  I’m reading BKS Iyengar book “Light on yoga” and it is a big eye opener for me.  In my immersion classes we talk about the 10 commandments.  Of course, I know what they are but I don’t know what they are in terms of speaking about them to others or listing them.  I asked my husband if he knew and of course he did but didn’t judge for not being able to recite them.  They are not a part of my life and never have been.  I certainly strive to be a better person however and leave this earth with a reputation of being kind, generous, loving, empathic, and caring. This is all part of the spiritual journey for me.  I am reaching out to people spreading the yoga word


  1. Jennifer February 3, 2012 at 2:02 am Reply

    I love when people approach me with questions about yoga; just the other day, a girl at my office with whom I rarely talk came up to me and said, “So, you know a lot about yoga, right?” and then proceeded to ask me about Bikram and if I had any pointers for her first class. A few other colleagues have done the same; I kind of like being “the yoga girl” at my work!

    • mevsmctd February 3, 2012 at 12:06 pm Reply

      The more yoga girls and guys out there the better!! As a whole we are spreading the word on health and self. You go yoga girl.


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