Last night I attended my weekly warm yoga class.  Despite the fact that it was in the 20’s the studio actually had some heat to it.  Since I’m an avid Bikram practitioner it can always be warmer for me but it was comfortable last night.  We worked hard doing binds and twists as well as my nemesis pose, crow. I feel really good after an evening yoga session and have 4 booked for this week.

The evening classes allow me to sleep better if that is possible. I deal with fatigue so sleeping for me comes naturally but sometimes I wake up still feeling fatigued.  After a yoga session the night before I wake up feeling more refreshed.  This allows me more energy in the morning to start my day and get things done before the rest of the world wakes.

Last night she said our most creative time is usually at night and suggested we keep a journal by the bed.  I have a journal with me all the time other than my sleeping hours but now I’ll keep it by my bed in case I do wake up with something on my mind that needs to hit paper. Could be creative or could be something that might be bothering me but either way I can get it out of my mind and on paper. The more I can free up space in my mind the better off I’ll be.  We tend to just hold on to so much useless knowledge. I’m working on releasing some of that.

Tonight is Yin Yoga which I’m looking forward to taking at this studio. I haven’t been to her Yin class yet and although I’m familiar with Yin everyone is a little different in the instruction of it.  It is an opening practice and I need help opening my hips.  I’m hoping my husband will join me but if not I’ll go and get my Yin on!


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