I’m back into a routine of seeing my nephew, who we refer to as Mr. Big, regularly again.  I love spending time with this little boy and as he gets older and more talkative he is so much fun.  He does get frustrated because we are trying to figure out what he needs and he believes he is letting us know exactly what he needs in the way that we should understand.  For 17 months old he is vocal but still not clear enough for us to catch all the things he is trying to communicate to us.

My husband is very good with him and will just wait and wait until they are on the same page and communicating.  My approach is that I will try offering him different things trying to figure out what he wants so I don’t stress him out.  Neither way is a great way but it works for us for now.  My favorite part is when he is a little sleepy and will read a little bit or when he wakes up from his nap and cuddles for a minute or two.  This does not last long since he is off and running to find something to occupy his time.

He is such a little runner.  I hope he runs track when he gets older and maybe we can sign up for runs together as a family.  Every year we do the Mother’s Day 5K, the day he can actually do it with us will be great.  He is there now just in his stroller and not really digging the time it takes.  The next few years hopefully he will learn to like it and put up with this Grammy, aunties, and mom for a little while since we run slowly.

Until then I will just continue to chase him wherever he goes. I get to keep an eye on him and log steps at the same time.  He doesn’t understand why I chase him but he sure does love it.


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