Last night I started a warm intermediate vinyasa class. This is through the studio that my husband and I have frequenting often and I’m finding more and more classes to attend. The instructor makes yoga so fun and challenging and spiritual for me.  It offers me all the aspects I’m looking for in my yoga practice.

            This class started with her saying this is not a beginner class and this is not hot yoga.  The temp will be right around 80 degrees and we will be flowing quickly.  The class was so much fun.  There were about 20 people that signed up for the class and about 8 showed.  I was ok with the drop in the number as I had room to spread out and let my zen flow.  I was moving through the postures with my breath and feeling like I really knew what I was doing.

            The practice of yoga takes a long time and the confidence comes a little more with each visit to the mat.  I’m not experienced in anyway and wouldn’t dream of thinking so but I did feel as though I had found a nice rhythm on my mat last night and the time went by so quickly.  One of the things she says is that we should think of time when we are on our yoga. Sure we have things we need to do and places we need to be so we live by time but wouldn’t it just be fabulous if time was not an issue? 

            We kind of treat our yoga classes that way with this particular instructor.  She starts a flow and will never break a flow or skip a side just to finish up and we always take a nice relaxing savassana so yes we run over and I’m certainly more than ok with that.  I don’t know how other people feel about time but for me when I’m on my yoga mat and if 2 hours have gone by but I feel like I’m working hard and finding a rhythm I would much rather stay focused on my practice instead of the time we need to end.

            The last week or so has been great fun for me as I am trying all these different classes and reaching new levels in my practice.  I have a couple more classes besides my regular ones this week and looking forward to seeing what happens.


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