Last night was our yoga night and what a fantastic practice we had.  First a little background this class is at our studio near our home but we bought the classes through our adult education program and apparently so did many other beginning yogis. New year, new you, they want to try their hand at yoga.  The studio was full of people. I say full because I’m use to about 6-10 people per session. There were 17 people in that class last night.  Me and a couple others were seasoned, you might be wondering why seasoned yogis were in with beginners?  I signed up to be the morale support for my husband and couple of others just practice in her studio anytime she has a class no matter what the class is. She is quite incredible and I don’t blame them at all for wanting to be there as much as possible.  My husband a few others have tried yoga but are true beginners and the rest had never tried yoga and wanted to try something new.

            No surprise she started the class out slowly and we literally slow motioned our way through every posture and the flow but we were flowing none the less and my husband did fantastic.  Honestly, I’m not just saying that even though I would; he was incredible. I could tell he was finding his moments and by the end had a real confidence as we did our final flow.  He has a lot of work ahead of him and he was very tired and said his shoulders were sore with all the chaturanga and downward facing dogs we were doing but I told him that will all come with time.

            He did mention that because he thought this class was hard that he wondered if anyone from the class would decide it was too hard and not continue. I like the energy of large classes but part of me hopes a few do drop off only because then she can focus on getting the remaining people properly in postures and help them find their balance.  He needs a little one on one attention and it makes me think a couple of private lessons might not be bad especially if he is serious about having a regular yoga practice. We have this session to finish up first and if he still enjoys it we have more on the horizon.  She convinced him to sign up for a Valentine’s Day couple’s yoga class.  I had mentioned it but it took her to persuade him to actually do it.  I would much rather spend my Sat evening doing yoga for Valentine’s then going out to dinner somewhere.  I’m thrilled he agreed and this really will be brand new to both of us since I have never done anything like this.

            My understanding is that we will be using each other’s bodies in our postures and really relying on each other to be stable, confident, and secure as we move through postures together.  I trust this man completely so I have no doubt we will have a great time doing crazy postures and getting funky.


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