This is the day I have been waiting for and now it has arrived.  My husband and I are scheduled for the next 12 weeks to take a yoga class together.  It is not specifically designed as a couple’s class; I’m just calling it that because this will be a weekly class we go to together. We are committed for the next 12 weeks to be there and practice.  The wonderful thing is that we will be doing it together and yet separately.

            He is very excited about this adventure and that makes me thrilled.  There is no question in anyone’s mind that I’m totally excited about this but I was worried if he was excited or anxious. There is a difference and we will be practicing with new people.  Yoga is such an individual practice but intimidating none the less when you enter a studio with new people.  Now once you get to the know the people they become your extended family which depending on the people can take, oh 3 minutes or so. 

            Speaking of extended yoga family… while we were away I had only mentioned to one of my fellow regular yogis that I was going on vacation for a week.  She hadn’t been in Bikram either for a few days and not seeing me for a week and she wasn’t there to tell them my yogi women were worried about me.  With MCTD they just didn’t know if I was home in flare, or too tired to attend.  They were very happy to see me when I returned and I just love the feeling of friendship I get from these women. 

            I have a lot of women in my life and they all bring something different to me and these women bring a sense of love and calm that I cherish.  I tell people all the time do yoga for yourself but also do it for the people around you.  There is warmth that radiates from yogis who practice on and off the mat.  I’m practicing everyday even off my mat and enjoying the experience. 

            My challenge in our weekly class together is just to let my husband explore and not try to guide him.  It is my nature to make sure he is comfortable in a new situation and make sure he has what he needs so he doesn’t flounder.  This is his practice and his journey and part of the experience is floundering and feeling uncomfortable.  As his loving wife I need to let him experience that.  We both have practicing to do with this next step in our yoga life.


2 thoughts on “COUPLE’S YOGA

  1. Jennifer January 17, 2012 at 10:31 pm Reply

    This is such a sweet post! I have always wanted to take some kind of yoga or movement class with my husband, but our work schedules are completely opposite of each other. My sister, her boyfriend, and I are signing up for a tai chi series beginning in February; my husband has expressed interest but simply cannot commit to the schedule due to work obligations. You are truly lucky!

    • mevsmctd January 17, 2012 at 11:13 pm Reply

      Jennifer I wish you way fun in your Tai Chi classes coming up. I like to watch people do Tai Chi they always look so eloquent as they slowly move between postures. Hopefully soon you and your husband will find the time together to practice together.


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