Technically I did not find a cure for Raynaud’s but I certainly had an great week of being Raynaud’s free this past week.  The temps were perfect the heat was divine and I was so relaxed.  My hands were feeling the benefits of being away from the bitter Maine cold even for a week and I got to enjoy the use of my hands for 7 days.

We are home now with temps barely reaching single digits and instantly my hands are purple and sore again.  Unfortuantely we still have a few months left of this winter weather.  The good news is that the “artic blast” should be ending soon but the low temps are here to stay.  Since we have been home I have been covering my hands with gloves and heat packs but even with all that today my hands felt the brunt of the cold and they ended up bothering me most of the day.

I spent the entire day with my nephew and had a wonderful time.  He does not understand that auntie’s hands hurt and he is go, go, go with lots of playing and picking up.  I was careful when holding him and we played a lot on the floor.  I feel more comfortable with well working hands but I won’t give up a moment with that little boy especially over some soreness. He takes the sting out of any situation for me.  I don’t like not seeing him for a week or longer but that is life and when I do see him we need to reaquant only because he doesn’t exactly remember just yet.  He knows that he can trust me he just doesn’t dig all my kissing and hugging first thing. Both of which he will get use to over time and hopefully enjoy.  If not then I’ll settle for him getting use to it!!


3 thoughts on “RAYNAUD’S CURE

  1. Sherry January 16, 2012 at 1:57 am Reply

    I am thrilled to have found your website! I feel that we have a lot in common: I share your philosophy and many of the approaches towards healing MCTD. I am 39 as well, also have a passion for yoga and exercise, although getting a regular practice has been more challenging since having two active boys. I have also found that I have to do yoga regularly to keep flare ups at bay. I too was recently inspired by the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and started a juice/fruit vegetable combo 3 days ago after gradually preparing my diet. Hoping to give the body an opportunity to heal. I also refer to the “Feed the Wolf” parable frequently to myself and loved ones. Your spirit and positive attitude are such an inspiration! I look forward to following your journey towards healing.

    • mevsmctd January 16, 2012 at 4:06 pm Reply

      Thank you for reading my posts. You have your hands full with 2 boys and living with MCTD. I wish you luck on your own journey and keeping yourself flare-up free. Since the day I learned what a “flare-up” was and learned that “they were just a part of my life now” I was determined to do all I could to lessen them. I have counted my flare-up free days since Aug 2003 and have watched the numbers grow and lessen over the years but I enjoy seeing the numbers. I wish 2012 a low flare year for you!!

      • Sherry January 16, 2012 at 10:30 pm

        Thank you Nicole! My heart goes out to you with your hand pain; my Raynaud’s is not as severe but feeling it today.. It was below zero in upstate NY today so I can only imagine how you must be feeling in Maine! I will be keeping you in my thoughts! Thank you so much for sharing your personal insights and thoughts; it’s so helpful and motivating.

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