I’m living a “be careful what you wish for” situation right now. When the Biggest Loser first started I watched the show and really enjoyed both trainers, Bob and Jillian.  Now I refuse to watch the show for many reasons and that isn’t what this is about so I’m moving on.  However, I always thought I wanted a “Jillian like” trainer and not because she yelled but because I thought she trained her people hard.   Long story short, my fabulous trainer moved on to bigger and better things which forced me to find someone else. I had my first session with her last night and she is “Jillian like.” Only I don’t like it.

            She is a yeller and has the stamina to yell for 60 minutes. I was not mentally prepared for this type of workout and trainer. I believe she knows what she is doing and serves her people up a good strong workout, but nowhere in my life do I have people yelling at me.  As I was enduring this workout I kept thinking to myself “I’m Nicole Richard, people don’t yell at me.” When I told my husband and my closest confidents this story they laughed because they knew exactly what I was talking about.  I’m the type of personality that calms a situation and when someone is upset they come to me to get the feeling of ease.  I don’t yell and people don’t yell in my direction never mind directly at me.  Now I get she wasn’t yelling in anger, she was yelling to motivate me. I can’t say I was motivated. 

            In my everyday life I’m a self-motivator. I work hard and do what needs to be done.  When I make a commitment I stick to it, which is exactly why I’m seeing out the next 8 weeks with her.  I will mentally prepare for the next session and see if I can’t get in the mind set of what will come next.  I do have a saving grace of having yoga directly afterward for 90 to cleanse and leave the stress on my mat.  If after I mentally prepare I’m still not feeling it I will just ask her if there is a way we could work together without yelling.  It makes me laugh to think about this and write this now.  Last night I could not have written this with laughter but sleep and new day puts everything in a different perspective. 

            Yelling or no yelling I’m going to her to strengthen my body and if she can get me the results I need than my money is well spent.  I’ll have to see how the next session plays out.


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