I have every intention of getting back to normal today.  Normal eating, sleeping and workout routines are in order.  My body is feeling tired but it is probably a mixture of the holiday eating including all the sugar I have consumed since November.  My sister and I are trying to find some time to enjoy yoga together before she heads back to her home.  This time with her went by so fast but we do have a couple of days left.  I enjoy having her here and being able to do some yoga together. I prefer getting my yoga done at 6am she prefers sleeping in and going for at noon.  As you can imagine we haven’t had a lot of time to practice together but hopefully we can find time for one more practice together.

            I’m getting back with the trainer starting this week as well and looking forward to having my body be worked hard again.  I will check my ego at the door since I have not been doing nearly the weight training I should have during this brief hiatus and I know I will pay for it on Wed but I’m ready.  The New Year is all about starting out strong even if we fade a bit during the course. 

            I walked into work and everyone has declared this is it, the eating will stop and the diets will start.  I am not that extreme and don’t do weight loss diets well especially since my plan is toning up and strengthen not losing weight.  A few more minutes on the cardio machines and lot of more weight training and hopefully in 6-8 weeks I’ll be feeling like I rang in this New Year in style.  Oh and throw in a couple more yoga sessions.  Yes I’m adding more.  My husband and I have signed up for a class together every Thursday starting in a couple of weeks and I signed up for a warm detoxifying yoga on Mondays and keeping my MBT class on Wednesday.  I’m guessing the warm yoga will be instructed like hot vinyasa only she won’t have it “hot” most hot vinyasa classes keep it between 90-100 degrees Bikram around 105 so I’m guessing warm will be between 80-85 degrees.  I like it hot so I will enjoy any heat she provides.  I also need to carve out my meditation time and already we are on day 2 of the New Year and I’m finding it hard to stay committed to that goal. I wonder if I just don’t want to do it but feel like it would be good for me.  I haven’t given up the commitment.


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