Happy New Year everyone.  Today is the start of a new year and many people made their New Year’s resolutions last night to better themselves in some way.  Most people declare they are getting fit. The mere fact that I belong to so many different places for my workout routines and none of them are opened this morning is a little ironic. Some will be opening later but really I need my work out first thing to get my day started. 

Actually this is working well for me. This morning I’m staying inside where it is warm and getting in my cardio and finishing with some yoga.  I have been reading Baron Baptiste and he believes everyone should sit quietly for 5 minutes a day.  Realistically he thinks 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night would be best and then says to build on that.  I’m still working on finding 5 minutes somewhere but my goal this year is to find that 5 minutes to sit quietly and meditate.  I have been wanting to incorporate meditation into my daily practice since this summer but have not found the commitment. I won’t say I haven’t found the time because there is always time, I haven’t found the commitment but my goal is to be stronger this year and part of that strength comes from sitting quietly with myself and taking it all in.

Generally I enjoy being around myself so I should relish the idea of finding 5 minutes to sit quietly without any distractions and just let the thoughts pass in and out of my mind.  I guess I partly do this in my savannas at the end of each yoga practice but I find my mind travels and since I’m tired I let it.  The focus is what I need and the commitment I am making. 

I also mentioned that I was going to find less expensive ways to get my fitness in.  The least expensive is just to do it right here at home. I have everything I could possibly need and more so again it is the commitment factor.  When I’m home I can see everything that needs to be taken care of and my workout gets put on the back burner.  As I sit here and type this morning my DVD is on and ready for me to begin my practice but before I can mentally prepare for my practice I need to finish some things.  This is the biggest blockade I face. 

I’m sure many of you made your own New Year’s resolutions so good luck with them and keep on practicing.


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