We are almost to the New Year.  Everywhere we go we hear things “New Year, New You” or “Make this year the best you” it is all about making and hopefully sticking with our New Year’s resolutions.  This year I’m going to work on spending less money for my exercise habits.  There are some things I won’t give up and honestly for all the things I do I have done will keeping with my fitness budget but we can all be better.  I have become notorious for checking all the websites such as and and any other ones that happen to supply services in my area.  I watch for the yoga studios I practice at and buy the packages.  I have also been scouring the internet for other yoga deals in my area and the studios I use. I have some really great deals along away. 

            This year I’m getting involved in the adult education program in my area and it turns out they offer yoga with one of my current studios starting in the New Year. Bonus to me since the adult education programs is inexpensive as to allow everyone to enjoy them if they want too.  I work out deals with the places I frequent and have my 2 gym memberships where I do my cardio, weight training, and step aerobics down to below 20.00/month. I spend a lot of time working out and quite enjoy every minute of it on most days.  Does this make me cheap?  I don’t think so, I believe everyone should be paid what they are worth and I never want to take money out of the pockets of those people that work very hard. Especially my yoga instructors because I get so much from them on many different levels. At the same time I need to keep it affordable to me and I don’t want anything for free I’m just looking for some helpful ways to save money.  You can’t put a price on staying healthy, strong, and happy but you have to make some decisions along the way.  The decisions I make is to stick with the places that I really benefit from and enjoy spending time at and just look for some help along the way. 

            For people that really need help we have donation yoga locations that are wonderful. The instructors are kind and really helpful.  There are community classes as well where people can go and try yoga classes usually for free. This is such a good way to experience yoga and the benefits.  The gyms are offering all kinds of deals right now with very low monthly rates and sign up fees.  You can tell the deals have started because there are so many more people in the gyms, on the machines, in the classes and in the locker-room.  Faces I haven’t seen before are popping up everywhere.  This is short lived for most of them but for any of them that stick with it this New Year could be the New You!!  Hope you all have a wonderful and cheap holiday!!


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