Is yoga medicine? For some they would say it most definitely is medicine.  I often feel this way as well and using my regular medications with yoga I sometimes believe I have a good handle on things with my MCTD.  The last few days I have been dealing with a headache, nearly migraine that I thought was the result of taking my procardia but now 4 days later I’m starting to wonder.  I found myself in bed 2 days dealing with it since having my eyes opened was fairly painful but I also had to get things done in the midst of the pain.

Today I went to a hot yoga session and during our class our instructor kept referring to yoga as medicine.  Medicine for stress, medicine for fatigue, medicine for pain and stiffness. As she was referring to this “medicine” I was so hoping this medicine was just what I needed for my headache. I can no longer just sit around or be in bed because my head hurts but at the same time how to get the pain to stop is a whole other story.  I am looking for something to help but I would rather not take another medication or increase my prednisone or stay in bed until it goes away.  I am willing to give it another day and see if it subsides and if it doesn’t then 5 days later I’ll have to look into options with my doctor.  Medicine comes in all forms some are just better for us then others.


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