I just read “Pay attention for goodness sake” by Sylvia Boorstein which is a fabulous writer and refers to herself as the Jewish yogi in other writings.  The way she writes is with humor and stories from her life while incorporating some simple ideas to just pay more attention and be more aware.  She refers to a type of mindful meditation and how you really have to practice being mindful but during the practice of being mindful this is also a type of meditation that can be practiced.

            Being careful about the words we use is a practice in itself.  Our loved ones and partners are suppose to be the very people we can rely on most and who should be able to rely on us the most and yet when we get angry or stressed we lash out on the very people we love.  We are sometimes nicer and more patient with complete strangers then we are the people we claim to love and cherish. Being mindful about what we say and even more importantly how we say it can make a big difference.

            This book although seemly geared towards simple common sense made a lot of great points about relaxing, realizing, and relaying. Relaxing with situations, realizing what we are doing and relaying information that is more mindful and thought out instead of quick comments. She has some great stories that are hers and others that she has heard.  She conducts mindful meditation retreats and help people understand how to make this a meditation.

            I have been thinking about this a lot and trying to incorporate this mindful meditation into my daily life.  I’m going to write about a Yoga Immersion class I am taking also in an upcoming blog but one of the things we are asked to do is journal some thoughts that creep into our minds that might not be so useful, or positive and flip those thoughts to more useful and positive thoughts or realize we had the thought and let it go completely. 

            In the process of me thinking more about my own thoughts and words I’m hearing the words of other people and it is making me realize how contagious negative thoughts or words can be and how quickly you can make friends with the same thoughts in a matter of a few words.  I’m not preaching to anyone just listening closer than I ever have before and really trying to put out the positive thoughts in hopes that they are just as contagious.

            I was talking to my husband one day about nothing particular but I wasn’t able to get my point across to him and then all of a sudden he got it.  My response was “finally Sherlock you understand what I’m saying.” He knew I read this book and I spent 300 pages telling him all the great things I was reading and learning.  He looked at me and made the comment that it wasn’t very mindful to call him Sherlock.  He was so right and I was very apologetic.  We aren’t perfect but if we just start to think about our words, thoughts and how we come across to others it can be very helpful.

            He hasn’t said I haven’t been mindful since that incident but I assured him if he ever feels like I’m not being mindful or I’m saying something hurtful even in jest it needs to be brought up and I would do the same to him.  It starts at home with the person I love the most and if my words can be soothing to him then I know that many of my words are soothing for other people too.  I just need to keep practicing.



  1. Jennifer December 21, 2011 at 5:18 pm Reply

    Wow, what a coincidence! I just read your post after having listened to Tara Brach’s podcast this morning (http://www.tarabrach.com/audioarchives2011.html). The podcast was titled “Mindful Speech” and is about everything you just covered! Perhaps this is a message that I need to be more in tune with what I say and how I say it. Sadly, there is a running joke in my family that I have a degree in communications but don’t know how to communicate.

    • mevsmctd December 21, 2011 at 7:08 pm Reply

      Jennifer It must be a sign!! We can all be better communicators, that is for sure. This book was really fun to read. I’m just starting a Baron Baptiste book now and a little more serious than the last book I read but very interesting.

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