Yesterday we did brunch with Santa and as you can probably imagine there was a cluster of kids running around the dining room eating way too much sugar and telling Santa their deepest wishes for trains, laptops, Xbox games and other toys.  There is little more precious than children dressed in suits, sweaters, Christmas dresses and hats.  Some of the girls were sporting the cutest hats as part of their attire.  I’m an adult woman and don’t pull off accessories nearly as well as some of these little girls that I saw.  All the kids were so sweet and really quite well behaved for so many of them.

            My nephew isn’t use to this amount of children but he was watching them from my lap and although curious about where they were going when they would run off he just sat quietly until he found the train set.  An old train set moving along the track caught his attention and he needed to see it up close.  He didn’t reach out to touch it but he didn’t want to leave it either.  Although he is probably a little too young this year for his own train set I’m certain he will have one of his own for next year.  There is something nostalgic about a train set running under the Christmas tree.  We always had one growing up and I know my parents had one growing up so my nephew will have one growing up also. 

            After we had a chance to eat and stuff our bellies it was our turn to meet Santa and have our family portrait done.  Eli was not quite sure that he really wanted to sit on Santa’s lap and he certainly did not want the candy cane that was so generously offered by Santa.  He simply but very sternly just let Santa know he was not interested. My brother sat with him on Santa’s lap and with my brother there he did fine and the picture came out beautiful.  We are good looking family if I do say so myself.  My mother believes she has the most beautiful family of all but every mother believes that. 

            We finally have a picture with all of us in it including my parents.  This is a picture to be framed and one of the very few where we are all together in it.  The last one was taken 8 years ago at my wedding.  We have changed a lot in 8 years, grown a lot and look wiser after 8 years.

            Only 1 more week of crazy eating and then I start to think about detoxing and finding the normalcy in life again.


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