Today is our last day with Megha and our group.  We are wrapping it up and saying good-bye.  Megha is arming us with what we need to continue our practice at home.  She makes it very clear that this is such a small piece of the larger yoga practice and that most of the practice takes place at home on our mats.  I already know that home practices are very difficult for me but I don’t want to discourage my husband and if he wants a home practice he should have one. 

            Life gets in the way at home and although you leave Kripalu all set to start a new life and incorporate everything you learned it sometimes doesn’t work out that well.  I thought I was going to make serious changes when I visited there in June last summer and although I made some changes I set my sights a little too high. I am going to be my husband’s biggest cheerleader and fan and anything he needs or wants I will be there for him. I believe he can get so much out yoga and I’m willing to see him through it as long as he is willing.


We have been home now for a while and I’m so pleased to announce my husband really enjoys yoga and is exploring different ways to incorporate it into his life.  He does not have a daily practice but he is finding a lot of time for quiet meditation time which I’m so proud of him and trying to grab on to his coattails and experience some of that home meditation myself. 

            He visited the local yoga studio near our house and found it very inviting so he has asked for a membership there.  They cater to the beginner with a few different classes every week and the owner has a policy of keeping classes small especially this time of year when everyone makes the commitment to get fit. She is all for people doing what is best but she doesn’t want the classes to be overwhelming for practioners.  This way you also sign up in advance and you make a commitment not only to her but to yourself as well that you will be there when you say you will.  This type of practice really works for me too.

            I have memberships at many studios right now and I use them but I think I’m going to focus on practicing with my husband when he wants me with him which is every time right now and totally fine by me.  I’m going to take some of her classes on my own that he is not interested in but I have higher confidence walking into a new class. I am in the process of practicing “mind body therapy” to keep me healthy and potentially flare-up free. 

            I’m also going to take immersion into yoga. This is a class that teaches a posture and philosophy and is the beginning for me to decide if my passion really is instructing yoga.  She also has teacher training courses and from the recent posts of a reader the idea of practicing while being the real world may not be such a bad idea.  Thank you Jennifer!



  1. David December 13, 2011 at 6:48 pm Reply

    Excellent report. You and Kripalu did a great job of presenting yoga to your husband in a way that he could relate to. I’ve been practicing and teaching for quite a while, and in the last year or so my wife has taken up yoga and she really loves it. It’s very sweet to have this in common with my mate. You mentioned not setting your sights too high – why set your sights at all? Permit me to suggest that you learn to see yourself as a yogi. Then it’s all yoga and no benchmarking required. That’s not to say that we don’t work on deepening our practice, of course. And how do we deepen our practice? Swami Kripalu said that non-judgmental self-observation is a very high form of yoga. I’m very happy that you had such a fine visit to Kripalu. And thanks for reporting on it. Peace.

    • mevsmctd December 14, 2011 at 3:55 pm Reply

      David Thank you for your kind words and I will try to just go with the flow and not set expectations for myself going forward and I will think of myself as a yogi. I wish you and yours a special holiday season.

  2. Jennifer December 13, 2011 at 10:18 pm Reply

    I loved reading your Kripalu recaps, especially how your husband adjusted to each new learning experience. I would love for my husband to one day join me in yoga. I don’t think he ever quite understood the mind-body connection until he started running last year, and now he *gets* that endorphin connection. Every now and then a yoga studio near me holds a Yoga for Men beginner series, and I would love for him to take that!

    I’m so glad to hear that my suggestions about YTT helped you make some decisions about where to go from here. It sounds like you give things plenty of thought before diving in!

    • mevsmctd December 14, 2011 at 4:00 pm Reply

      Jennifer It took me a long time of just standing in the back ground gently nudging but not nagging and I think my husband seeing my changes convinced him. However, running together can be very rewarding also. I hope you and your husband have long runs together and see all kinds of wonders. Season Greetings from Maine!!

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