I only have a few more entries from my journal about our trip to Kripalu so if you are tired of reading about it, we are almost done. I did want to take a minute and write about an experience I had last night at a new yoga studio.  My husband and I got signed up at the local studio near our house and although we will be taking different classes there I wanted to try the Mind Body Therapy class. This class is all about moving with the guidance of your breath.  The postures and movements are done slowly so you can feel each and every move.  During the vinyasa flow she will pause for yin postures.  This is a way to take a break and really open up some connective tissues along with flowing through the practice. 

            The key is to be guided by the breath and the movement not by momentum.  I didn’t even realize that many of the flow postures are naturally guided by momentum because you are moving in the forward motion and when in downward facing dog moving into lunge it is usually momentum propelling your foot to land between your hands when really we focused on placing our foot and feeling what are abdominals were doing when we were lifting our knee to our chest and what our thigh felt like as the leg moved from chest to ground.  It made for a very challenging but interesting practice.

            I felt like I was working much harder and really had to keep with my breath.  We did flow through a few times and took yin pauses along the way.  I really enjoy yin but I wouldn’t say it is easy to stay in some of those hip opening postures. You can feel the tingle as you come out of those postures and trying to vinyasa with tingle was a little out of the ordinary and felt a little uncomfortable. This is a weekly class focusing on this type of slow flow with yin pauses and she gives us one posture a week to work on and to go over at the next class.  This week’s posture for me is the dreaded crow.  I have tried all different ways to get into this posture and I don’t know if strength or fear and maybe both are holding back.  I am lucky to get my big toe off the ground in this posture never mind an entire foot or even 2 feet.  Yoga is a practice for a reason and all she asks is that we try in class, stay present and honest in class and out of class and that we drop unnecessary expectations of ourselves.  Seems easy right?  I am frustrated with crow so obviously I have expectations of myself that I have to work through.  I’ll get there and I am trying. 

Amazing how simple it seems to carry thoughts from the mat to the outside world although I don’t bring enough with me when I leave the mat. I’m somehow gentle with myself on the mat and then scold myself off the mat.  I need to be compassionate to myself and find that kindness in all aspects of my life.


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