During one of our program sessions we focused completely on the yoga postures or at least a few of them.  We learned the correct way to enter and come out of various postures including Warrior I, Warrior II, Triangle and others.  As my husband was learning to breathe in and out of postures he was becoming more familiar with a few of them and to my surprise mentioned he would like to take the 4:15pm gentle yoga class.  I of course wanted to take it with him.  This would be our first of yoga class together and hopefully the first of many. 

            The 90 minute gentle yoga session is held in the main hall which at one time was the monastery for this complex.  Our instructor was Randall Williams, a very calm speaker, and my husband found him to be both motivating and relaxing.  I have mentioned in prior writings that we are not necessarily religious people but we are spiritual people.  Having our instructor standing at what was once the alter guiding us through our yoga practice was very spiritual for us.  It was such an intimate moment between my husband and me even though we were not speaking to one another but we were sharing space and energy and find a new sense of our relationship on our mats.  I believe it was at that moment that my husband realized how beneficial yoga was for him, me and us as a couple.  It is hard to explain but it was as though we had just been gathered in the arms of a spirit much bigger than us and shown a light.  Again we don’t go to church but I have to tell you that if we found a church that guided us like this we would certainly consider it.

            Since this was our first practice together we had a lot of discussion about it afterward and well as a lot of non discussion but a certain love and admiration for each other.  We got to experience the best of each other in that moment.  We see the best in each other a lot of the time and we don’t hesitate to let each other know when we think we have done something extraordinary or admirable.  We take the time to let each other know how we feel and it makes moments like this even more special.   My hope is that when we are home we experience a lot more of these moments


2 thoughts on “YOGA TOGETHER

  1. David December 8, 2011 at 4:41 pm Reply

    Swami Kripalu taught that loving each other comes first. Even before our spiritual practice. In your practice together, you two are starting out with a very deep practice. You are right at the essence, right now.

    • mevsmctd December 8, 2011 at 8:55 pm Reply

      David What a wonderful way to express that. Thank you for that, I am going to share with my husband.

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