The program we chose for this weekend is Introduction to yoga and meditation. I didn’t really know how I was personally going to like this class, but this weekend is all about introducing the beauty of yoga to my husband and seeing if he enjoys it enough to make it part of his daily life.  I’m hoping together we can make it part of our daily lives together when we get home.  Here is the best part and the surprising part, I love this class. I am able to actually meditate here and I think it is because while I’m here it is my job to do yoga mediate as much as possible.  At home I find it difficult to meditate or even do yoga as a home practice because I have other jobs at home and I’m not able to mentally step out of those roles like I do here. This is the very reason I must leave the house to do yoga, get in hard cardio workouts and do my weight training. I just can’t find the ability to  make myself have a home practice.

            Here I’m learning again that I have to make meditation an appointment and then I’ll do it. I don’t skip or reschedule appointments and I certainly just not show up for them, so I need to make my weekly meditation appointments and build from there.  I’ll start with weekly because I believe I can stick to it. There are thousands of techniques for meditation so finding the right one is key. I’m going discuss some more in depth later.

            My favorite part of this class is that they break down the postures of yoga from going into them, being in them and getting out of them. I have been doing this a couple of years now and I have a new understanding of the fundamentals of the postures. It has brought a new awareness to my practice in the separate yoga classes I’m attending. I’m finding myself slowing down my vinyasa flows to ensure I’m doing the postures better and it is making a difference.


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